Download my essential guide to help you blaze a path beyond the podium by building a meaningful and profitable business and becoming the master narrator of your life.



Craft Your New Identity

Nail down your new identity, values, and personal brand message, and how it differs from your past, so you can set yourself apart, and build a tribe of loyal fans.

Discover Your Own Story

Metabolize the key moments and challenges in your athletic journey thus far to give you clarity and confidence in your story and your message.

Design Your Path Forward

Build an intentional path for your future and transition your career into a profitable and sustainable business, either inside, or outside of your sport, so that you can leave a legacy you’re proud of, starting now.

Know Your Audience

Beliefs dictate actions, so deeply understanding the people you want to influence, and what their dreams, ambitions, fears and hopes are allows you to connect, build rapport, and lead them to a far better future.

Map Your Story To Solutions

Connect your message to how you can help by creating content so strong and powerful that you become 100% necessary to your audience’s desire to survive and thrive.

Create Your Persuasive Origin Story

Create and leverage your unique athlete story to increase the perceived value of your personal brand and attract sponsors, more valuable partnerships, and a powerful community of fans and followers.

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

Like you, I started out as an athlete. Growing up in Aspen, Colorado, I was a competitive ski racer gunning for the U.S. Ski Team. A disastrous crash derailed my athletic career, but it left me with a choice: I could choose to evolve, or devolve. Luckily, I felt the pull of something greater—a deep desire to use what I had learned as an athlete to positively impact people, and build a career that had meaning and purpose.

After working at Outside and Skiing magazines, I left to travel the globe as a freelance journalist for Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Skiing, MSNBC, Yahoo! and many more.

After years of telling other people’s stories, I began training companies, brands and athletes on how to use storytelling to engage and resonate with their audiences. That led to creating complex branded content programs for Toyota, Twitter, NBC, Yahoo, The Olympic Games, MSNBC, National Restaurant Association, Aetna, MapQuest, Competitor Group, and many more.

Now, I help high-achieving athletes and entrepreneurs struggling to transition their life, their career, and their message, craft a powerful personal story to build loyalty, trust, impact and a premium brand.

Lindsay Yaw Rogers


We have been fortunate to work with some fantastic partners, both big and small. Below are some recognizable clients, but know there are countless more athletes, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who we have adored working with—and we look forward to many more!